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  1. Image of UFO from UFO Tv Series –; used in connection with the publicising and promoting the UFO TV Series licensed programmes only. Source: ITV Global Entertainment Ltd.;
  2. Image of USS Enterprise ship –; Author: MJBurrage;
  3. Battlestar Galactica image –; Author: djwudi (Michael Hanscom);
  4. Image of Dalek & Tardis – from article by J.Fallon;
  5. Image of Liberator from Blake’s 7 –;
  6. Image of Eagle ship from Space 1999 –; Limited copyright use – used for discussion of film only;
  7. Image of Nostromo –;
  8. Image of the Galaxy Quest spaceship –; was transformed under condition that available under ShareAlike CC Licence;
  9. Image of Starbug –;
  10. Independence Ship image –;


Article: Sci-Fi Predictions

  1. Image of Soylent Green film poster –;
  2. Image of the Running Man –;
  3. Image of Blade Runner film poster –;
  4. Image of Space 1999 film poster –;
  5. Image of Buck Rogers TV series poster –;
  6. Image of Judge Dredd film poster –;
  7. Image of Colossus film poster –;
  8. Image of Escape from New York movie poster –;
  9. Image of Planet of the Apes film poster –;
  10. Image of Liberator from Blake’s 7 –;
  11. Sci-Fi Logo –


Article: The Highs and Lows of Sci Fi Films

  1. All videos are directly linked to the original source;
  2. Information provided is a summary of the author of this article opinion, knowledge and understanding of the subject built up on various Wikipedia sources.

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