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For this (what is likely the final post of the fantasy part of this Blog) I have decided to go full circle, for just as the first post contained a time-table showing the games release dates, this post will also focus on the games over the years but in a slightly different way.

As the table shows the first game was released back in 1987, a total of 24 years ago, and so I’ve decided to show some videos of the games openings to show just how they’ve changed throughout the years. Now I won’t include all of them, as with 14 game’s in the main series alone, it would make this post very big both in terms of length and the amount of memory it would use (not to mention the difficulty in finding all of them and getting permission to use them). So instead here are a few highlights.

For the first video, where better to start than the opening of the first game released in 1987, quite basic as you can see especially when compared to games of today.


Next up, quite a jump to Final Fantasy VII released in 1997, it was the game that introduced many functions that have since become standard for the series as well as the first one to become wildly popular outside of Japan. As a result, it’s the first game many new to the series first started playing (a crime of which I am guilty as charged). the game had quite an animation bump since the first game, showing how far the series has come in just 10 years.


And next we have Final Fantasy X released in 2001. It was the first game to feature voice acting instead of dialog boxes and was also the first game to have a direct sequel (Final Fantasy X-2); yet another step up in animation.


And finally, Final Fantasy XIII, which was released in 2009 and was the  first game released on a third generation console. It shows just how far the series has come since it’s start so many years ago.


So that’s all from me although it was short, I hope you enjoyed reading and that you will be inspired to look into the series yourself after reading this, as what’s listed here is just the smallest tip of a much larger iceberg. Also remember if you get stuck, don’t give up until you find the solution and if all else fails there’s always the official strategy guide. All that’s left is for me to say thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed. Good luck and happy gaming!


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  1. Wow – hard to believe they’re the same game when you compare the first to more recent ones! Still, I remember the playing tennis on the Atari….

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